Friday, 13 February 2004

Part II English Classes Today: Web log:

I Hr: I BSc Physics/Chem:
Next Mock Interview - Deepti on J.K.Rowling
Today's Mock Interview - Prince - Hrithik Roshan

The Kumbh mela is held only in four Indian cities. Ujjain, Allahabad, Haridwar and Nasik
Rama has three brothers.
One is Lakshmana.
The other two are the twins Bharata and Satrughna
Four months - January, March, May, June are named after gods.
Nitrogen makes up the greater part of the Earth's atmosphere.
Omni - all
omniana - bits of information from everywhere
omnibus - transport for all
omnicompetent - in all matters
omnicorporeal - including all bodies
omnify - enlarge, make universal
omnigenuous - of all types or kinds
omnium gatherum - a collection of all things, people
omnimeter - for measuring all angles.
omniparent - being the origin of all.
omnipotent - all powerful
omniscient - all knowing
omnist - a believer in all religions
omnivorous - eats all.

II Hr - II BA Tam/Phil/His (voc):
Taught the formula for the basic sentence patterns.
Introduced the basics of tenses/phrasal verbs
Taught Merchant of Venice - Act I Scene 3

His: 4
Phil: 3,8,12,19,20,21,26,29,30,36,39
Tam: 8,15,17,19,21,26

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