Saturday, 27 September 2008

I BSc Pbt & Zoo / II BA Phil & Tam - Topic for Assignment..:

Dear Students,
Kindly bear in mind the following parameters for the Interview process as part of your Assignment.
Sit back and think about the characteristics of, and the need for, good role models. Then choose a celebrity / a personality who possesses these qualities. Once you make the selection, start collecting background (biographical) information about him/her from people who've been a part of his/her life.
After doing your preliminary homework, now get an appointment with your celebrity, and be punctual with the timing and the date of interview.
Let your questions be thought provoking and absorbing. Be polite and unassuming.
Have some recording equipment at hand to make facilitate easy interviewing.
After finishing your interview, get his/her house address, contact number and Visiting Card, along with his/her signature.
The last date for submission of completed Assignments is Wedesday, 15 October 2008.

Some Don'ts:
Do not interview your Father, Mother or Siblings.
Don't fake interviews. If caught, you'll be rewarded a Zero.
Do not ask mundane / silly questions.

Regards and all best wishes,

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