Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Martin, T, II BA English - Assignment in Modern Fiction

The Power and the Glory – ‘A Discussion on Having sympathy upon the Priest.’

Submitted by Martin, T.

i. The Mexican State:

The Mexican State has almost shut all doorsteps of drinking and rioting. Here lives the priest who is almost against all laws and prohibitions. He is a person who drinks, and lives a careless life which plays the central theme of the story. The Mexican state calls and recalls all the things done by the priest. The Mexican State is strict in principle and desire to grow more in perfect ness of the Constitution. First it had persons who ruined it but now changes herself to catch all those victims and wipe them out so that the Mexican state might be entirely clean. So the police were about the priest finding and roaming here and there in suspicion but finally when nowhere to be found lost all hope. A military lieutenant who was retired got the permission from the Governor in finding the priest which would be his ultimate adventure.

ii. The Priest/ 7 years / 700 Pesos:

The Priest was about his profession seven years. He was actually a kind hearted man in nature. But at outside because of his behaviour which has been revealed opened way to punish him from all sorts. He has been wanted by the government because he was not doing his duty but rather against prohibition. But according to the priest at personal view, he is very strict at the call of duty. But it was neither rumour about the priest and neither he was unwilling to the call of duty. The coming paragraphs will further bring about views for to why the priest has been wanted by the government. For it is said for about ‘700 pesos’ would be awarded to the person finding the priest.

iii. Habit of Drinking:

The priest had the habit of drinking whisky or brandy. And he loved it. This was the secret part of his life. Though he heard many persons confession he never confessed it to the LORD. Any unconfessed sin lurking around any person even the Blood of Jesus cannot forgive such sins. This is the greatest tragedy of his life. This part of his life ruined his entire ‘priesthoodship’. So how serious one should be or we should be about unconfessed sins. Any sin which we don’t confess it to the LORD, the LORD cannot forgive it on him because only when one reveals his fault and cry out to Jesus at the Cross, having a bitterness towards sin and thereby developing hatred and wanting deliverance, then the precious blood of Jesus will cleanse that serious injury called sin and justifies the sinner.

iv. Illegal Relationship:

All men commit sin. And there is nobody else without sin except GOD. From the beggar to the President all are equally ranked by hell as victims of sin. So in that perspective, when we see the priest, though he is a priest he is wrong too. The flesh is weak and always lusteth against the Spirit. Temptations may arise to any level to every human being including children to commit sin. Without tempting, nobody could escape sin. Sin will declare whether it overcome it had been overcome. Except GOD there is nobody in the world to first put sin to shame. He was tempted and found blameless and guiltless. He overcame sin. In this perspective when we see the priest, we should have sympathy otherwise if we point out and judge him there we are doing it with self-righteousness which is again guilty in the sight of GOD. Again, even here, the priest had a woman called Maria with a six year old girl called Brigitta. Even here the priest hid this isn and repented not. Seeing this, it feels sympathy.

v. Three Faults:

Now when we consider the priest he has three major faults which a priest should not have. The three faults were drinking aspect of the priest, having an illegitimate woman and a child, and being a coward.
The first two were because of hiding the sin and covering it or polishing it. Because it is written in the Word of GOD, “He that covereth his sin shall not be saved, but he that confesseth and forsaketh it.” Also the Word of GOD admonishes if you confess your sins, He is faithful and just to forgive your sins and clease you from all unrighteousness. So the cause of the first too were because of hiding it. The last aspect was being a coward. Sin makes one to fear since there is always fear and frightening and torment in sin. So one could have sympathy toward the priest for loosing his life by not knowing what to do even the main aspects.

vi. Traitor of the State:

Since he has been declared to be the traitor of the State, at least now he has to fear the LORD and ask Him to forgive and save. But being coward, he tried to flee from the situation but fell into the fire. That is jumping out of the fire pan yet jumping into the fire. By this he loses his own soul and no care about his own soul has been taken. So this all can bring sympathy for the priest by persons who are outside the story and new to the story. Because of being wanted by the lieutenant he flees and never confesses. Again he continues to drink whisky and brandy at the restaurant. When jailed, again he buys whisky and brandy. This all speaks that he is like a goat going after a whore to the slaughter house. Seeing all this one can feel sympathy because his soul is dying inside of no GOD.

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