Sunday, 12 April 2009

Guest Post on Free College and University Courses Online..:

An increasing number of colleges and universities have begun providing free and open educational resources for self-learners around the world. Some schools, such as Yale, Carnegie Mellon, and The Open University, offer entire courses. You don't get college credit or a degree when you complete a course, but you do get the opportunity to enrich your life with knowledge. Here are a few of the 20 free online courses you can try today:

Greek Mythology - The University of Washington offers this free five-part course on Greek Mythology to self learners around the world. The course includes readings, quizzes, and other online learning materials.

Nineteenth Century Europe - This free history course from the University of Massachusetts introduces students to the political and historical culture of Nineteenth Century Europe. The course includes lectures, assignments, and required reading.

Literature I and II - Designed specifically for online students, this free literature course from Western Governors University is split into ten self-study modules. The course covers a wide range of topics, including poetry, fiction, and drama.

Modern Poetry - This free online course from Yale College contains all of the material used in the campus-based course taught by Professor Langdon Hammer. The material is delivered through recorded audio and video lectures. The course concludes with a final exam.

English 1010 - The free English course offered online through Utah State University introduces students to academic writing. The course includes readings, assignments, and a free online textbook.
Guest post from Karen Schweitzer who writes about online colleges for

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