Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Noble thoughts result in Noble actions!

Dr. Abdul Kalam says, “Dream, Dream, Dream. Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action.”

He also adds to say that, "for noble actions, you must have noble thoughts!"

Well, this past week, I was witness to two such noble actions!

One noble action is from an illustrious teacher with CSI Bains School, Chennai,

And the next noble action is from an illustrious professor with The American College, Madurai.

Mrs. Beulah Alfred, a dynamic and illustrious teacher with CSI Bains, passed away on 30 April 2017. Her last wish was that, her eyes should be harvested to help the visually challenged! Hence, quite promptly, her family called up Rajan Eye Hospital, who, wasting no time – arrived at the quickest possible time, and harvested both the eyes! While leaving the house, the doctor profusely thanked the family and said that, the eyes are perfectly in good condition and that they can be used to give sight to the needy!

What a noble thought resulting in a noble action!

It was indeed a great joy to witness yet another noble action today! Prof.Ravi from American College, Madurai called up this evening, - all excitement in his voice – saying that he has planted tree saplings in and around his street. I was sooo happy to hear this wonderful news!

Nobility that comes from teachers - who are venerated as the noblest of the lot!

Indeed, as an aside, I should add that, Prof. Ravi is one person, who has a wonderful interconnected living with the flora and fauna around him. A professional photographer, he sounded disconsolate as he narrated how a coconut tree climber destroyed a rare bird’s eggs laid on the stiff lower ribs of the coconut fronds!

He has a rare knack for attracting squirrels, kittens, dogs, deers and hens by the number!

Every time you visit his house, in Kadachanenthal, deep down Alagarkoil Road, Madurai, do take a peek into his kitchen and you are sure to find a family of cute little squirrels hip hopping their way to the food that’s kept exclusively for them in a corner of the room.

For the past two years, Professor is also giving shelter to a rare variety of hen, which is a great companion to him on all evenings!

This apart, a couple of years ago, Sir had sent me a snap of a rare variety of a birdlet which was twittering feebly across his balcony, in the green meadows that encapsulate his beautiful house, and added that, the tiny little birdlet has strayed away by accident, and so he said he will try to put her back to where she rightfully belongs!

Indeed, it is quite heartening to know that Dr. Abdul Kalam continues to live on through the noble thoughts of our noble teachers!

Even little thoughts, when they are noble enough, have a great impact not only on the nation, but also on the world!

As Dr. Kalam rightly points out,

“Where there is righteousness in the heart, there is beauty in the character.

When there is beauty in the character, there is harmony in the home.

When there is harmony in the home, there is order in the nation.

when there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world.”

Well, shall we pledge to follow in the Legend’s footsteps, to make the world a better place, by acting on at least one noble thought rightaway… today?

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