Wednesday, 21 June 2017

'Bonding with Ruskin'

Madras Players
Bonding with Ruskin
23 June at 19:00 to 25 June at 21:30
at the
Museum Theatre, Egmore

The Play which has a feast of colour and sound, looks to recreate the innocence and irreverence of Ruskin Bond’s stories on stage. As it is with most retellings of famous writers’ on stage, Ruskin Bond himself plays a pivotal character in most of his stories. The greatest attribute of the stories threaded together as a play you will see, is the range of his writing – in terms of plot, landscapes, characters and genre. From his love for the quiet hills of Deoli to the haunted mansions in Dehra. From innocent tales of unrequited love to terrible stories of violence in marriage. We as an audience journey into each story as his characters journey through a train - and at each stop – a different tale awaits. The play attempts to weave together a variety of musical & story telling techniques with the text of bond providing a completely different yet honest perspective of the writer’s best stories.

About The Madras Players
Performance Art Theatre · Chennai, India
The Madras Players is an Indian amateur theatre group and is the oldest English-language theatre group in Chennai, India. The Madras Players have staged over 240 theatre productions over the span of more than fifty years.

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