Thursday, 27 November 2003

D.O - I - Part II English Phy/Chem

Shingle - a small signboard, especially outside a doctor's/lawyer's office.
What's the minimum no. of serves needed to win a game in tennis?
In cricket, what does 'bodyline' mean?
An illegal bowling style.
Style: The Manner in which the speaker says something.
Point of view: The way a story gets told.
First Person Narrative: 'I'
Second Person Narrative: Address by the narrator to someone he calls 'you'
Third Person Narrative: Narrator is outside the story.
Metonymy: (change of name)
the crown - stands for the king
Hollywood - stands for the film industry
I've read Milton - stands for the works of Milton
Synecdoche: (taking together)
ten hands - hands represents workmen.
hundred sails - sails represents ships.
wheel - automobiles

In Daily Quiz today, Jacob George won the prize - a pen.

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