Thursday, 20 November 2003

II Hr (I BA Eng)
Complete the words in the text below by writing ie or ei:
Please write a br__f p__ce about the rel__f work in Sudan. We bel__ve the work you did in this f__ld was for charity organisations who rec__ve medicines from the West and teach hyg__ne. We do not wish to dec__ve the public who often prec__ve the problem in Africa as ch__fly one of lack of food, particularly prot__n.

IV Hr [I BSc Physics/Chem]
Introduced the poem 'Mending Wall'. Announced prize sessions for the class from Monday 24 Nov 2003.
Phy: 2,15,25,30,31,32,35
Chem: 14,29,40,41,42

ELF - Extremely low frequency
Popular: prevalent among the general public.
popsy - an attractive young woman
pop - relating to commercial, popular music.
pop culture - commercial culture based on popular taste.
Quote: "If you judge people you have no time to love them" Mother Teresa

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