Tuesday, 29 June 2004

III BA English - Introduction to R.K.Narayan's THE GUIDE

The Guide -

Ideal vs Real in 'The Guide': Looking at the various points of entry within the novel, as they tell us quite a lot about the whole novel they come from. Insight into People/Places/Moods.

Synopsis: The novel begins with Raju sitting beside the temple and meeting the villager named Velan, who mistakes him for a holy man. The novel then alternates between an account of Raju’s career as a holy man, which is told in the third-person, and Raju’s account to Velan of his previous career as a tour guide and lover, which is told in the first-person. This dualism reflects the dualism in Raju’s character. He is transformed from a sinner to a saint, though he is never truly a sinner, and never truly a saint. Because of his capacity for empathy, Raju is a sympathetic character throughout the novel. http://www.angelfire.com/md2/timewarp/theguide.html

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