Thursday, 1 July 2004

Part II English - I BSc Phy/Chem - Web log:

I Hr:
Discussed 'Daffodils' in class.
Gave the important figures of speech needed to analyse a text -
Style/Symbol/Pun/Paradox/Antithesis/Sign/Metaphor/Simile/Language et al.
Who is addressed?
What kind of time and place is the poem set in?
What's the message of the poem?
What's the tone of the poem? is it serious/reflective/ironic/satirical?
What type of peom is it - lyrical/pastoral/epic/narrative/descriptive etc?
Form: Any set pattern or layout - like Ballad, sonnet etc.
Metre: Stress, Pattern, rhyme scheme, rhythm, alliteration, assonace, end rhyme etc.

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