Friday, 27 July 2012

Ludic on a roll...:

Ludic had its first screening for the new academic year on Friday, 27 July 2012, at 2 pm to a grand response from film buffs, critics and audience alike. Dr. K. Ganesh welcome the gathering, and Prof. Monsingh then spoke on the art of film appreciation. Prof. Luke spoke next on the importance of theatre for literature students. The film Instinct that was screened today, drew an instinctive critical/ecocritical response from the enthusiastic gathering. The lines of Anthony Hopkins, (as the anthropologist) with the young psychiatrist throw light on the true nature of being and the true value of existence, like for instance, 
Did they think of me?
I thought of them, and l missed them. I liked them. I even needed them.
Each day they seemed to allow me to step closer. I was excited by my slow journey toward them.                
I felt privileged.
I had lost long ago
and was only now remembering.
Suddenly, just like that,
it happened.
I was no longer
outside the group.
For the first time,
I was among them.
I never missed a day.
I walked miles from my camp
to find them.
And stayed with them
Longer and longer...
before I'd pull my self away
to go back to camp every night.
In there,
deep in those forests,
away from everything
you know,
you've ever been taught...
by school or book
or song or rhyme,
you find peace, Juha,
harmony, even safety.
You'll find more danger in one day
in any city in the world...
than you will ever find
in those forests.
Do you understand that?
still reverberates in our minds and hearts alike. The world beyond human comprehension, the world wherein exists the true nature of being... a world of real freedom where illusions get destroyed... That's the world that Dr. Ethan Powell emanates, the world for which Dr. Theo Calder takes a great fascination for, thus getting enlightened in the process. Along with the audience..!

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