Saturday, 28 July 2012

Horn of Plenty

In Pic: Front Cover design of Cornucopia's first issue
Dear Students (past and present), 

This is the last call for sending in your creative writings/paintings for Cornucopia. You’re welcome to send in your creative vibes of all hues and colours. The third issue is being designed on a much larger/grander scale, if present indications are to be believed, and indeed, all of us @ TEA are literally overwhelmed by the creative inputs we’ve received thus far. The last date for receipt of your creative writings/paintings is Tuesday, 31 July2012. You may send in your creative articles/paintings/pencil sketchings to or to

Who can contribute: All students of MCC (past and present)

Guidelines:  Cornucopia welcomes any original unpublished work that can spark human consciousness - appropriate, elegant, innovative & original. Kindly avoid sending in overtly/harshly critical articles/cartoons that violate the ethos and decorum of the College. Don’t forget to key-in both your full name (and/or your pen name(s) if any), and mention specifically how you’d wish to be acknowledged in the name-line.

Viewing the Pre-final Copy: A pre-final copy of the third issue will be made available in the Department of English on Monday, 06 August, 2012 from 10.20 am to 3 pm. All contributors are welcome to browse through the same and notify the Editorial team of changes/corrections, if any, straightaway.

Creative Artists/Student Editors Wanted: Students who’ve got exposure to pagemaker/coreldraw, with highly creative cum aesthetic vibes, to do the Front/back page Cover design of Cornucopia.

Cornucopia requires Student-editors who are good at typewriting/proof-reading, for speedy typewriting and proof-reading of the first draft of all the articles. You will be responsible for scanning through each and every article, word by word, for errors in spelling/grammar etc.

Cover Page Photograph: Students are welcome to send in their photographs with good picture resolutions (with MCC Campus as the setting, obviously!) for adorning the front and the back covers of Cornucopia.

Release Date: The current Issue of Cornucopia is scheduled for release on Tuesday, 14 August 2012 (date is tentative) at a gala function befitting the event. Cash Prizes for winners of the Quiz and the Creative Writing Competitions will be given on the occasion.

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