Saturday, 5 September 2015

Even as I look back with nostalgia at my school & college life, my mind and my heart direct me to the one great source of knowledge – the fountain of wisdom – the spring of love – my dearest treasures, my teachers! With fire in their eyes, commitment in their words, determination in their minds, love in their hearts, and the utmost dedication for their students -  being always there for me, to motivate me, to encourage me, to believe in me, and to help me face the problems of life, by giving me practical, life-sustaining values which will always be remembered, cherished and followed.

On this precious day, I thank my dear Lord Almighty for graciously giving me such wonderful teachers – the best in the world – and the dearest too, exclusively for me.!!!

Dearest Teachers, I have just one grateful line of gratitude for you:

Thank you so much!

Remembering the exceptional teachers in my life:

Remembering Sister Miriam Theresa, for her selfless dedication to her vocation, Mr & Mrs.Veeradhas, for their commitment and dynamism, and for believing in me, Ms. Sibble, Late Ms. Noeline, Late Mrs. Paulraj, Mrs. Rita, Mrs. Selvi, Mrs. Rasheeda, Mrs. Sathya, Mr. Alexander, from my School days,

Dr. Jesudoss Manalan, my beloved Librarian, Dr. Suresh Frederick, (my friendly guide), Prof. Natarajan, (Retd), Prof. Cruz, (Retd), Prof. Pauline Sathyamurthy, (Retd), Prof. Edward Manickam,
(Retd) Prof. Joha Devasitham, (Retd) Prof. Athmanathan, (Retd) Prof. Duvarakan, (Retd), Dr. Appadurai, (Retd), Dr. Roopkumar Balasingh (Retd), Dr. Baby Eliammal, (Retd), Dr. Shobana, Dr. Dhanapal, Dr. Azariah, and Late Dr. Ranjan Samuel, Late Dr. Jayapaul, Late Prof. Marthandan, in my College Days.

Thank you so much dear Teachers for giving us the light. Even as you have dispelled the darkness in our lives and removed ignorance from our minds, by lighting our minds and igniting our hearts with knowledge and with wisdom, we pledge to keep the light burning and light the lives of our own students, fellow men and women in all walks of our lives.


Without you dear Teachers, where would I be?

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  1. Hi,
    Happened to stumble on this post of yours and was wondering which Year you were in Bishop Heber College.
    The professors whom you have named were my Professors too so I would probably think we were a few years away in terms of our academic progress.
    I was in Bishop from 1992-1995 and did my UG in English Lit. During that period my HOD was Prof. Ranjan Samuel(Late), Prof. Suresh Frederick was literally a fresher and Profs. Joha, Jayapal,Marthandan,Pauline Sathyamurthy, Cruz, Roopkumar Balasingh and Edward Manickam were part of the faculty that formed the English Dept. PN (Prof Natarajan) used to pop in once in a while to check on proceedings.
    I have participated at Pegasus American College , Madurai twice, both times having clinched the overall championship. I was also in the DOE Club and one of my contemporaries was Anand Walser, who I still am in touch with. I was the college drummer for Fine Arts and had attended many competitions while there. The most notable of the group like David Sanjeevi, Santhosh Cherian really did us proud and if memory serves me right, they also participated at IIT Sarang in 1994.
    I would be truly grateful if you could share some of your memories and let me know if you were from this same group.
    Thanks and Regards,