Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Dr. Seshasayee on Linguistics

Dr. Seshasayee was in his elements throughout his phenomenal elucidation on the nuances of linguistics for our I MA Students. Linguistics is, for many the achilles heel, and for some, the very mention of the term sends alarm bells ringing, especially if you've gotta write half of your Question Paper devoted to this 'back to the wall' subject. Of course, help wasn't far behind!

Guest Lecture by an Eminent Linguist
In fact, the moment I contacted Prof. Dinesh (a vibrant alumnus of ours) to get Dr. Sesha's number, he promptly obliged, and very soon I got in touch with our good ol' friend Dr. Seshasayee. The moment I asked him for his help in this 'hour of crisis', he immediately obliged, and also gave me a long mail detailing at length about the specifics that he would deal with, the strategies he will use in broaching issues, and added that, although he was excited to come over to MCC, at the same time he was also slightly nervous, as he 'had lost touch with his subject ever since his retirement, a couple of years back'!, he said.

But...! his lectures on both the eventful days proved otherwise! Phenomenal by all means, to say the least! Well, Initially Dr. Sesha told us that he would give a two-hour lecture on both the days (26, 27 Oct). But the very first day he helped our students to break the back of the beast, albeit with alacrity and ease, and in no time the students were as keen as mustards listening to the wizard in rapt attention. Mid-way through his lecture, I strategically pit stopped him, (concerned about his health), and asked him to wind up for the day if he found the going tough. But Dr. Sesha, by all means, is made of sterner stuff. In fact, it was only after the midway break, when we had tea with him, that he put the pedal to the metal and there was no stopping this legend after that.

On Day 2, Dr. Sesha talked the students into the nuances of Morphology and Syntax. At the end of the day, the students were, - bright-eyed and bushy-tailed - raring to go - and heaved a great sigh of relief at having got a wonderful elucidation on an otherwise 'ball and chain' subject! We're glad that the lectures have had a great and salutary effect on their LQ, going by the very vibrant feedback we've got at day's end!

In short, 

Thank you Sesha Sir. You made our day! [both days inclusive] ;-)

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  1. Thank yo Dr. Sesha sir for coming and teaching us.. And heartfelt thanks to our dear mentor for arranging the lecture.. It was really helpful to us..