Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Personally with my I MA Students...

Dear Students of I MA English,

I am so happy and delighted to have read all your book reviews that you’ve submitted to me via email. I’ve posted them all on the MA weblog separately. Can’t wait to give you all my comments and feedback for each and every review of yours. However, due to lack of time, I am not able to write to you all personally. In case you need an elaboration/analysis on your style, your manner of articulation, your presentation, etc., feel free to drop in a line via e-mail, to and I shall reply in right earnest.

Moreover, now that you’ve become an expert on one good & precious book, go ahead and start reading your next one rightaway!

In case, you want to do a revision of your book review that has already been posted, please do submit a revised review of the same, so that I shall upload the revised one on our blog. But do it before the semester reopens!

Next semester you’ve got to read two good books and give me your wonderful impressions aka personal reviews on the same. So sift through landmark / starmark / higginbothams / bcl / Anna centenary / Connemara etc during the weekends or during the holidays and grab your pick at the earliest possible.

I am uploading your model QPs too at the earliest possible. By the way, i've uploaded all your reviews without editing, on 'as-is-where-is' condition :-)

Here's wishing you all great success in your maiden tryst with exams @ MCC! Go ahead! Conquer! Shine!

God bless.

Best and regards,

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