Monday, 21 December 2015

Join us for the 'Chennai Clean-up' Camp...!

Come & be a part of the Chennai Trekking Club & Chennai Beach Clean-up Op!
On Sunday, 27 December 2015 at 06:00 am
Register yourself on this link HERE to be a part of this transformational campaign!

The recent rains in Chennai have flushed out tonnes of garbage from the city's rivers and other water bodies into the ocean, which got thrown back by the Sea, onto our once beautiful beach shores.

Not only the streets of Chennai but the beaches are also now filled with tonnes of garbage. This garbage will slowly mix into the ocean and affect the lives of thousands of sea animals and birds, which have a direct impact on our eco-system. What goes around comes around. Also it will significantly affect the coming turtle nesting season, if our shores aren't cleaned up by that time.

Chennai Trekking Club is planning a major beach cleanup drive on Sunday, Dec 27, 2015, from 6 am - 9 am.

This is a call to volunteers to join forces with us to restore the beauty of Chennai's beaches and give a helping hand to those beautiful Ridley Turtles which return every year to our coast to breed.

Both individuals and Groups/NGOs/Corporates are welcome to join us.
Gloves and other necessary materials will be provided to Individuals and NGO's.

Corporates have to procure the necessary materials for their employees. Details of things that need to be procured will be shared with registered corporates.

As a initial step we are planning to conduct this cleanup in two beaches, viz: Broken Bridge and Foreshore Estate. Both these beaches are piled with tonnes of garbage.

Spread the word with your friends & colleagues and make them join forces.

Lets show the true spirit of Chennai to the whole world once again.

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