Friday, 18 March 2016

Dreaming Big...! Inspirational for Young Minds

“Let me do my best for my society by educating at least ten people around me,!” was the motto of a young adult from a village in Andhra Pradesh, whose noble aim resulted in the starting of a tutorial or a coaching centre for job aspirants. Having seen first-hand many of his friends and relatives drop-out from school and college due to lack of right guidance and motivation, he then took it upon himself to start Vignan High School in 1983, and from then on, it was no turning back. Due to his Tagorian ‘tireless striving that stretches its arms towards perfection’, today, this humble man has been instrumental in setting up numerous degree colleges, Junior Colleges, Pharmacy Colleges, Engineering Colleges, and one can vouchsafe that Vignan is synonymous with quality higher education in Andhra Pradesh.
One of the numerous architectural beauties of Vignan
The benchmark for Vignan is only Vignan and there is no rival for them in many ways!

The man is Lavu Rathaiah Garu, and even today you can find him clad in his traditional white, and doing the rounds as a simple, down-to-earth-person in and around campus.

The first thing that strikes you as you enter this high-profile-techno-campus In Guntur, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, is the hundreds of students who literally fill up all the play fields in Vignan University. Almost every other student is seen playing either Volley ball or basket ball or football, and yes cricket too (at times)!

When I was there in Campus on an invite from the Training & Placement Division of the University for the past two days, I was witness to an ‘Indo-African football match’ in progress, and players from abroad busy doing their nets.

Unrivalled in infrastructure and unparalleled in commitment!

Yes, there’s no exaggeration when I say this!

Vignan is known for her palatial Library, which houses a phenomenal collection of Journals and Periodicals, and yes, it’s fully air-conditioned. Library apart, the three language labs (with one lab exclusively devoted to Soft skills – called the Soft Skills Lab) are a cynosure to the ardent and enthusiastic learner.

‘100 hours of intensive training in Language proficiency!’ is part of their commitment to the freshers of the institution. With this in mind, they get external trainers also to give hands-on training for their students.

Quality consciousness is part of their benchmarks to which there is no parallel, at least in this part of Andhra Pradesh. Almost all their initiatives are centred on the students, to enhance their skills, and to bring out the best from them, and at last make sure they are placed in very good and secure positions in their career! With this in mind, almost every other twist and turn in the huge campus has a banner that says something about student achievers in curricular and extra-curricular activities, and motivating quotes of all hues and colours adorn every ten feet of campus roads.

Players on all sides...
Vignan makes sure that their students not only get a good and comfortable education, but are also placed in well-established Corporate Sectors. With this in mind, the training and placement division has seen huge investments to giving the best for their students.

The salary offered for the staff is literally phenomenal too!

One thing I like about the Institution is that, they offer culture-specific, and region-specific courses that cater to the local demands. A few courses like Textile Engineering and Agriculture Engineering are a few among them, which cater to the huge demand for these courses in the local job market.

Students are given utmost freedom, and a casual walk at 11.30 pm last night, threw me a surprise. There were boys playing basket ball in the well-lit Courts at this time of the night. This speaks to the enormous freedom given to the students as far as sports is concerned.

For lack of time, I sum it up for the moment!

Indeed, the meteoric rise of this legend, from a humble beginning to such an illustrious position, reminds us of a wonderful quote:

If you want to achieve some really big and interesting goals, you have to learn to fall in love with hard work. Hard work makes the difference. It’s what separates the children from the mature adults. You can keep living as a child and desperately hoping that life will always be easy, but then you’ll be stuck in a child-like world, working on other people’s goals instead of your own, waiting for opportunities to come to you instead of creating your own, and doing work that in the grand scheme of this world just isn’t important. So STOP doubting yourself, work hard and make it BIG!

Even so be it!

So dear students, what are you waiting for?

Go forth! ‘Strive, Seek, Find and NEVER yield’ (to mediocrity) at any cost!!!

God bless you.

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