Saturday, 26 March 2016

Thoughts on an alumna!

She is indisputably one of my best students ever!

She shines in her verses like an ignis regina, and this kiddo of mine, has laid claim to many a heart with her fine anthology of poems which speak (yes! Volumes…) for themselves. The moment she had it published, some of us here at MCC, her proud teachers (and yes! One of em is me) had just one fine phrase for her: “Don’t forget to work on your next antho at the earliest possible time"! And she did! In about three months’ time, yet another ignis regina of ‘finer and brighter gems serene’ were at my inbox and I was bowled over by the intensity of her verses.

She has huge aspirations ahead of her, and I pray that she achieves ‘em all!
Her maiden anthology

She is a go-getter!

The moment she told me she was into Holocaust literature, and was gulping down books by the dozen on the theme as part of her MPhil programme, I just suggested one Viktor Frankl as a fine theoretical prop for her dissertation and left it at that! In no time she did her homework and asked me for more on him. I just put her in touch with the legendary Dr. Joseph Dorairaj [who had introduced me to Viktor Frankl and his oeuvre!]. That Saturday, she calls me up and tells me, ‘Anna, I’m now in Dr.Joseph Dorairaj’s house in Madurai!

And wonder of wonders! Her MPhil dissertation was adjudged ‘one of
the best’ by the ‘academic jury’, and what’s so special about her dissertation is that, she got a letter written personally for her, right from the hands of a 92-year old holocaust survivor! When I was in Madurai for a Workshop in MTN College, she came all the way with her dissertation just to show it to me and for this, she also had to sit through the grueling workshop ;-), in the melee defending me in all earnest vehemence with none other than the Head of the Dept of English @ MTN Dr. Arjunan himself!

It was one MPhil dissertation that reflected how committed a kiddo of her calbire could ever be! When I skimmed through the dissertation, and came to the last part of the page, I was awestruck by the handwritten note by the holocaust survivor! I was like ‘spellbound’ beyond measure!

That’s Victy (or that’s how I call her) my kiddo and one dynamic student of ours @ MCC.

Kudos dear Kiddo! Way to go!!!

Victy has a wonderful blog that carries loads and loads of her thoughts, HERE

Do visit it to have a glimpse into the thought-world of this lovely student of ours @ MCC. God bless you Victy! J

Victy, just ask my MA students, and they would tell you how much you are quoted in my PG classes!!!

Sooo proud of you as your teacher! Keep up the good work and may laurels by the dozen keep coming your way every other day Victy! God bless you!

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  1. Anna I am so honored at your kind words..I owe it to the fact that you believed in me even during the times when I had stopped believing in myself. Will continue to persevere.. Victy..