Monday, 29 August 2016

Assignment Topics and Guidelines

Dear Students of MA English,

Kindly click on this link HERE to read a model assignment submitted by one of my illustrious students – Divya Thiyagarajan, who did her UG and PG in English at Madras Christian College. (2009 – ‘14)

And click HERE to understand the nuances involved in writing an effective assignment in your Postgraduate Degree programme at Madras Christian College.

Well, I couldn’t reduce a single mark on any count for this assignment of hers, as she strived to give her course teacher a sincere, committed and original assignment with a good Abstract, Key words, and Works Cited, adhering to the MLA Style Sheet.

Take time to go through the entire assignment before you attempt to write your own assignment. An Assignment in the PG programme should be - as Catherine Belsey [author of the famed book Critical Practice] rightly says – ‘some new contribution’ to the already existing body of knowledge on the subject.

A strict NO to plagiarism and lifting/sifting from the web or any other source(s). All sources [print/web/CD] should be acknowledged.

So here goes...

Topic for I MA English [Age of Milton] - The Unique Characteristic Features of Donne's Poetry

Topic for I MA English [The English Language] - The Inevitability of Language Change

Topic for II MA English [Critical Theory] - An Overview of the Prominent Theorists and their concepts in Structuralism and Poststructuralism.

Topic for II MA English [Literary Criticism] - Prominent Critics and their ideas in Twentieth Century Literary Criticism

Topic for II MA English [Postcolonial Studies] - Salient Features of Postcolonial Studies, with a special note on its growth and development over the years.

Yes, you can!

Go ahead. Make a mark for yourself!

Regards and best wishes,


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