Sunday, 9 October 2016

Preparation for NET/JRF English - 1

a sample road map
Take a Resolve to be Away from anything that ‘clutters’ you

A preparation for a test/exam requires a great degree of commitment from your part. Nothing has ever been achieved without a proper dedication, determination, passion and commitment.

Leave your Television sets off for at least twelve hours a day. You'll be surprised at the extra time you have. Leaving it off may even become a habit!

Don't be a slave to the phone: Keep it far away from you, unless it is on very important business.

Have a clean-up bin: Pick up clutter and put it in a sort-through-later bin. A clean room can make your mind more at peace with yourself.

Make a Road Map

Before you start your intensive preparation, have a panoramic overview of your road map for yourself. Make sure that you have an overview on the various stops you’ve got to make as you start on your journey through UNITS One to Ten in Paper II of the paper. 

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