Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Acknowledging the good ones in Class..!

"Sincerity makes the very least person to be of more value than the most talented hypocrite" says a great philosopher.

It is indeed great joy for a teacher, when he sees his words being honoured by the student.. Here, I would like to give a special word of appreciation to the sincere and committed ones who cared to respect the words of the teacher and brought along what was expected of them - the day's Newspaper!

This post wishes to acknowledge and bless the good ones. God bless you.

I BSc Pb& Pbt Class:

1.Suriya, K
2. Arul Christina Devi, J
3. Aarthi Evangelin, J
4. Deepika, M
5. Kavitha, S
6. Sowmiya, T
7. Thanga Quilly, J
8. Sreeja, H
9. Janani, K
10. Jeeva Bathseba, B
11. Ruby Evangeline Mary, A
12. Mohana Priya, G
13. Karthika, P
14. Haripriya, B
15. Sowmia, S
16. Vinnie Cheeran
17. Nandhini, R
18. Padmavathi, M
19. Bhubaneshwari, S
20. Sheeba, C.S
21. Solomie, S
22. Esther, M
23. Rajaguru, A
24. Henry, H
25. Kali Dass
26. Shaji Solomon, P.S
27. Oswald J Smith, M
28. Manikandan, N
29. Vikneswaran, K.S

I BSc Zoology (Reg):
1. Priya, V
2. Deepa, C
3. Devi, K
4. Kumutha, J
5. Hemalatha, M
6. Miroshini, S
7. Shamini Mary
8. Sugantha Mani, A
9. Janet Jemima, I
10. Ezra L. Ryujah
11. Solomon Bernard
12. Prasad, R
13. Jayashree, M
14. Saranya, D
15. Suganya, R
16. Ruth Auxiliya, D
17. Gokulakannan, S
18. Khamlianpau Vaiphu
19. Manjula, A

You have a great attitude! Wish you all the best, great success, and God's blessings in all your academic endeavours on this, your new year in College.

God bless you..!

Regards and all best wishes,

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