Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Mobile Phone Etiquette...:

This happened in a class, in MCC, a couple of years ago. A lady professor was taking class when one student's cell phone started ringing on three separate occasions. The professor finally stopped her lecture and asked for the offending student to stand up, but to no avail. Frustrated, she said, "I'm not going to give attendance to anybody today, unless the student owns up". So saying, she completed her lecture and moved out. Soon, a guy came rushing down to the prof, and asked for apologies, admitting he was at mistake and asked her not to withhold attendance for the class, as some were reeling under "acute shortage of attendance".

On another occasion, a lecturer, during his talk, was interrupted again and again by the ring tones of a student, that he said, "Why dont you answer that call, please?"
Just imagine this situation...! where are we heading towards? A few years ago this would never have happened.

People today can't separate their private life from their public behaviour.

How many times have we stared at the person sitting across us in the theatre, or in the bus or train, or restaurant who is talking in a loud voice without any thought to the people around him?

The problem, according to Dhar, lies in the fact that, phones have taken the globe by surprise and as a result good manners and etiquette have not had the time to develop in so short a time.

In Tamil, there is a proverb which comes to my mind, "Giving a Garland in the hands of a monkey...!"

The lack of mobile etiquette is quite disgusting. There must have been at least one time when you have flouted the rules yourself, says Dhar.

Let's try to come to terms with "mobile" manners by beginning here.

First of all, talking in a theatre or a play or a concert is very rude. Switch off your cell phones people. ! The earth wont stop, nor will the sky fall. In case if it's a real emergency, or during a meeting, excuse yourself and go out.

Remember, when talking is taboo, so is ringing. Keep the handset on silent alert so you can afford to ignore unwanted calls wheareas keep track and not miss the important calls either.

Speaking softly is in general the way to go, and the latest phones have extremely sensitive microphones so you really have no reason to shout.

Talking on sidewalks or while in a immobile car is acceptable, if done cautiously.
Talking in cars, bikes while driving? It's stupid and illegal. If it's urgent, pull over. Nothing is more precious than your life. And let the phone go to voice mail when some one calls, you can always call them back after some time.

In the end, the onus of being a gentleman or lady falls on you dear reader. Please be responsible and courteous towards others. Your manners will only stand by you in good stead in the future and most definitely help in some manner or the other.

A simple thought to where you are, whom you are with, what others are doing should be enough for you to decide whether to make or accept a call.

With due acknowledgements and thanks to Prof.Dhar, CBH

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