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Guest Post [Exclusive] for our Blog by an Established Writer:

Useful Tools, Sites and Apps for Student Writers:

The Internet is overflowing with sites designed to help student writers increase skills and productivity. Unfortunately, sifting through all of these options can be time consuming. If you need tools you can depend on and access instantly, bookmark this list of useful writing sites.


Jott - Writers on the go will love this free web app that turns voice messages into text messages. You simply call a phone number, record a message, and relax as Jott turns the recording into text and sends it wherever you want it to go.

ThinkFold - ThinkFold is a free web tool that provides an interactive outline to organize ideas. Groups and individuals can create an outline, rearrange ideas, and see changes automatically.

Innovative Tools - The Brainstorming Techniques Resource Center by Innovative Tools is loaded with articles, software, tools, and techniques for brainstorming.

Mindmeister - This free web app allows writers to create a mind map to better visualize brainstorming ideas. Writers who choose to sign up for the free version are able to share and access their ideas from anywhere, as well as see group changes in real time.

ThinkGraph - ThinkGraph is free downloadable software that allows you to place your thoughts into 2D Concept Map. The map creates a visual illustration for student writers to place and organize thoughts.

Reference and Research: - Encyclopedia is a free online encyclopedia and dictionary with pictures, facts, videos, and other helpful research and reference resources.

Allreaders - This website is a great resource for finding books based on various criteria. Writers can use Allreaders to search for books with specific characters, elements, plot lines, settings, and themes.

Internet Public Library - The IPL is the online equivalent of a local public library. The site offers reference materials, subject collections, books, magazines, newspapers, and an index of useful websites.

Writing Tools and Instruction:

The OWL - The OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue University offers more than 200 resources for students who need help with academic and creative writing.

Writer's Digest - A superb site for writers of all levels, Writer's Digest helps students perfect writing skills. The site offers resources, advices, tips, and a writing community.

Dartmouth Writing Program - The Dartmouth Writing Program offers an excellent online writing guide for students. This website gives you step-by-step instruction on the expectations writers will see in college.

Writing Fix - Writing Fix has many features to help students improve their writing, including plot ideas, lessons, and writing techniques.

Zoho - Zoho is a must-have suite of free productivity apps. Specific Zoho programs that would be useful to student writers include Zoho Writer, Zoho Docs, and Zoho Notebook.

Grammar and Editing:

Autocrit - Autocrit was created to find weaknesses in manuscripts but will help any writer improve their draft. This resourceful tool can find overused words, slow pacing, and dull sentence structure.

Grammar Girl - Mignon Fogarty, a.k.a. Grammar Girl, makes editing fun by delivering short, weekly podcasts with simple tips that are easy to remember.

Bartleby - Bartleby offers many free reference books online. The site's English usage texts are especially useful for writers who need help with grammar or editing.

Daily Grammar - Daily Grammar provides daily lessons and workshops to help everyone improve their grammar.

SparkNotes - This resource is known for study guides, but has many other helpful tools for students, including a comprehensive grammar guide. The guide offers information about common errors, style, and usage.

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