Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Congrats Heber!

Congratulating Bishop Heber College, Tiruchirappalli, on finding a prestigious place among the TOP FIVE COLLEGES in India. Kudos Heber!

It’s no easy task to find a place among the Top Five Colleges in the whole of India, and especially when it's certified by the Ministry of HRD, Govt of India!

Although many many factors have contributed to this top notcher status in India, one special feather in the cap to Heber would be its magnificent library (Can’t help recollect Lamb’s Oxford in the Vacation!)

Well, yes! the Library at Heber, would by all means, be one of THE BEST among all the libraries that you’ve come across in Indian Colleges and Universities, I bet!

If at all you pay a visit to Tiruchirappalli, yes, please pay a visit the famous Rock Fort Temple (Ucchi Pillayar Temple), in Chathiram Bus Stand, and the second stop for you should be the Bishop Heber College Library!  No exaggerations on that!

With a visionary par excellence as the Librarian who is all dedication personified and always passionate about his students’ academic progress and great future in mind, you need not worry about your studies and your future at all!

Such commitment, such passion for excellence, can rarely be rivaled.
You just need to surrender yourself in toto, to the Librarian and to the Great Library @ Heber, and the rest is taken care of! 

For a peek into the layout and the holdings in the three huge floors of this magnificent library, please click HERE.

The librarian Dr. Manalan doubles up as a parent, as a local guardian, as a counsellor all rolled in one, and he is available 24x7 @ Heber. The fact that he’s retiring in two more years, gives me the shudder and literally brings tears to my eyes!

Such was his impact on me – an insignificant speck! 

(Imagine how happy i must've been when i saw my 'guiding light' Dr. Jesudoss Manalan, being one of the first to turn up for my PhD defence!)

This blog post HERE is one among a host of testimonies to the fact that Bishop Heber deserves a prestigious regal and royal recline at the pinnacle, among the TOP FIVE COLLEGES in India, ranked by none other than the National Institutional Ranking Framework that comes under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt of India.

Kudos Heber!

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