Thursday, 20 April 2017

Summer Workshop-Seminar on Heidegger @ Calicut

Making Sense Of Heidegger

Centre for Phenomenological Studies plans to organize the Summer Workshop-Seminar on the theme, “Making Sense of Heidegger,” in Calicut (Kozhikodu), Kerala from 23 to 25 June 2017. Faculty members and research scholars who are actively pursuing research in the broad area of phenomenology and existentialism are encouraged to participate in the workshop. 

The principal themes of the workshop-seminar are (1) Intersubjectivity and the four-fold in Heidegger, (2)Heidegger and the Religious Phenomenon, (3) Technological and the Ecological Concerns in Heidegger, (4)Heidegger and the Political, and (5)Issues arising from Division III of Being and Time.

Requirements to participate 

All  scholars wishing to participate in the workshop-seminar will be required to present  a 3-page paper on any one of the 5 themes stated above. Although we will be happy if you kindly prepare your  paper on any one of the above 5 themes,you will definitely get a opportunity to present your paper even  if it is on some  other aspects of phenomenology/existentialism. However, in the absence of a paper, participation in the workshop-seminar will be difficult. I believe that the 3-page paper that you present in the seminar-workshop  will be the abstract of a full paper which you need  to write if your 3-page  abstract is selected for publication.Your 3-page abstract paper must be typed double space and mailed to the e-mail id given below on or before 10th June 2017 positively. 

The participants will have to meet their  travel expenses and will have to pay a sum of Rs. 2000/-to the Centre for Phenomenological Studies to meet expenses on board and lodge ( and coffee/tea 3-times a day) and shared accommodation in double or triple bed rooms. Those who do not need accommodation need to pay only Rs.800/-.All  participants will be given xerox copies of the seminar  abstract  papers and other study materials, if any. 

The Venue of the Workshop

The Venue of the workshop will be Socio-religious Centre, Calicut, Kerala. For more information on the venue, please visit:

Dates of the Workshop

Friday 23 June (9.30 a.m.) to Sunday 25 June (1.00 p.m.)

Contact Persons: 

Dr E.P. Mathew (Head, Dept. of Philosophy, Loyola College, Chennai) 
Email:  / Mobile: 9003175627

On behalf of - 
V. C. Thomas
(Centre for Phenomenological Studies)
(formerly Professor of Philosophy and Dean,
School of Humanities, Pondicherry University) 

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