Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Euthanasia - Should the Right to Die be Granted? (Student Assignment)

O,death the poor man's friend
The kindest and the best
                       -Burns (MAN WAS  MADE TO MOURN)                                                                                                                                                        
The above lines glorify death as a poor man's kindest and best friend. According to Burns a man is forced to befriend death due to the sole reason that he is poor. But friends, death being the ultimate reality can anyone befriend it? What do you say? Here comes the topic for the day
Before going on for the discussion i would like to ask you the meaning of the word Euthanasia?

Euthanasia is a complex medical term which in simple English means "Mercy Killing”. Yes! Terminating a human life in the name of mercy. When the term itself bears the meaning of killing, how can it be contrasted with the question of RIGHT TO DIE?
So when i say euthanasia is not the RIGHT TO DIE but the RIGHT TO KILL, you being my audience must accept it without further thoughts. Granting the right to kill a person just because he or she is a vegetative existence. This is the weird argument put forth by the states of Oregon, Washington, Montana, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg where laws specifically permit euthanasia. To me this is utter stupidity when the factor of fate and destiny has a quintessential role in every person's life.
When a human being with flesh and blood is medically termed as a vegetative existence, medical science conveniently forget the fact that it is his fate which results in his destiny to lead the rest of his life in such a pathetic and pitiable state. Thirty seven years before, a devoted and dedicated young nurse was mercilessly raped and strangulated almost to death in the cruel arms of a psychopathic rapist.Yes,this is the tragic life story of ARUNA SHANBAUG which was very much sensitised and publicised by the Indian media in the recent years. When I said, fate determines destiny Aruna's critical decision at that critical moment to stay for the night shift resulted in her unchangeable destiny over these years. When the Supreme Court prevented the mercy killing of Aruna it is this ultimate truth of life that was highlighted through the court verdict       
Being literature students let us closely analyse the term"mercy killing”. Mercy and kill are two words with contrasting meanings. So the word "mercy killing “turns out to be an "oxymoron". Puzzling fact is that how can you expect mercy from a killer? Whatsoever the means, the act of killing can never be performed in a merciful manner. To conclude i must say as long as man is not granted with the RIGHT TO BE BORN by the Almighty, his laws and jurisdiction can never grant his fellow beings the RIGHT TO DIE or the RIGHT TO BE KILLED.
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