Sunday, 5 February 2017

A Dialogical Workshop @ MIDS

Purusartha and Poetics of Development
A Dialogical Workshop

February 18, 2017  | 3:00 PM

Chair: Professor Ananta Kumar Giri, MIDS

3:00 PM      Purusartha and Poetics of Development:
        An Introduction and Invitation
                     Ananta Kumar Giri
3:45 PM      Poetics of Development and the Challenge of
       Social Healing and Reconciliation
                     Dr. Andrea Grieder, University of Zurich, Switzerland
4:30 PM      Discussion

All are cordially invited.

Note about the Workshop

Purusartha was an important vision and pathway of life in classical India which talked about realization of meaning and excellence in terms of four cardinal values and goals of life-- dharma (right conduct), artha (wealth), kama (desire) and moksha (salvation).  It provided paths of
human excellence and social frame in classical India.  But its implication for human development and social transformations in the present day world has rarely been explored. Nor its vision and practice has been linked to the traditions of poetics.  In its conventional rendering Purusartha has been closely tied to traditions of Dharmasastra and this tradition is deeply problematic from the reality and challenges of gender and caste justice and liberation. Indic traditions have also transformative genres of kayva sastra and natya sastra which crossed boundaries as Natya sastra challenged logic of closure of degenerated Vedic tradition. In our workshop we strive to bring purusartha and poetics together and create transformational vision and practices of integral development which is concerned with both material and spiritual development of self and society.

Shashanka Bhide

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