Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Wild and Energetic...

What I Saw in Deepwoods 2017
Fragrance Praisy, II MA English

Under the scattered canopies of the secondary sky, safe from the hot ball of fire in the primary sky, about a thousand little mustard heads strolled, jumped, danced, sang, screamed, whistled, conversed, stood in awe and gulped. The campus was wild and energetic. I could feel the earth vibrate and my heart thump with the beat of the drums.

I headed out of Martin Hall with the hope of getting some inspiration for my assignment. I walked down the junction racking my brain. I stood among a group of enthusiastic youngsters. I was a bit timid at the beginning, lost in the sea of unfamiliar faces. As time passed by I merged with the crowd. The dance competition was going on when I entered. They were not bad. I lost my chance of seeing the good ones because I was late. Fallowing that was the fashion show. It was good to see handsome men and pretty women wearing creative yet weird dresses and walking the ramp. It was a feast to the eyes. Later that evening there was a DJ session. I stood there and admired the crowd getting lost in music. That was the first day of Deepwoods. Wild day!

The second day had lots of singing competitions. They were all good. I love music. I had a great time. At the end of the day, the band “Masala Coffee” performed. They were superb. It was a really great day.

The final day was totally different. There were lots of competitions going on at the same time. The quadrilateral that was overflowing on the first two days was now empty. All the games were held out of the quadrilateral. Later that evening singer NareshIyer, who was also the chief guest, performed. His voice was awesome. The backup singers were great. Then there was a sudden twist. Our Principal was asked to sing. I put my head down in embarrassment, shut my eyes, and covered my ears. I thought he’d go off pitch. But to my surprise he rocked the stage. It was the best of the three days with a twist.

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