Wednesday, 8 February 2017

My last Sports Day in MCC, and the best one too!

76thAnnual Inter Hall Sports meet
Magdalene Brown, II MA English

One of the most awaited events in the even semester of every academic year is the Inter hall Sports Meet, which is usually conducted in the first week of February. Well, this year, the commemoration of the sports meet was held on fourth of February 2017.

Thus far it has been quite a battle of sorts amongst the five Halls (Selaiyur hall, Bishop Heber hall, St. Thomas’s hall, Martin hall and Margaret hall) in the campus but this year was marked special by the participation of a new Women’s Hall (Barnes hall).

The events of this year started on 28th of January and commemorated on fourth of February. The chief guest of the day was Mr. Ramesh, the Vice President of Tamil Nadu Cricket Association, & Secretary of Kancheepuram Dist. Cricket Association.

Though the Inter-hall Sports Meet is a competition between the three men’s halls and three women’s halls, it also gives a platform for the non-residents to exhibit their sports through their affiliation in different halls. To be frank, the non-residents are the backbone of the victory in almost every Hall. The Sports Day eve ultimately gives every Hall the anticipation of getting hold of the victory shield. There is no exception in the case of women’s halls. This sports meet is special for the women’s Hall, as number of men’s halls equals that of women. 

Being a resident of Margaret Hall, I feel proud to have witnessed the Inter-hall Sports Meet for five years. During my first year, my seniors used to tell us how we lost the shield in our first year as a new Hall. The victory wasn’t far from us. YES! We won the shield in my second year and it was a tie the next year. I really appreciate the sports secretaries and the athletes who put in their heart and soul to win the shield. It feels great to see the non-residents who get affiliated to the halls become a part of our sorority.

Unlike every other sports day, this sports day taught us so many things which should be taken as a caution and to correct them the next year. Personally, this sports meet is very special to me as I was also a participant in one of the field events. This was the first time I am participating in sports and that makes the day even more special to me. The first day was positive for us and our girls performed really great. Though we failed to score in two field events, the day ended positively as we won first, third and fourth place in 400 m sprint. My event was on the second day which made me feel completely nervous. To my surprise, I performed better than my trials. The event gave me a satisfaction in participating.

The second day was a deciding factor for us. We had hope until the last event of the day. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it. I should definitely mention the effort put in by our girls until the final day. I would also like to mention that every year it is with the help of the non-residents we score, but this year, I proudly say our own residents contributed the majority. Martin Hall was lucky enough to win the shield for the third time, a hat-trick victory in other words.

On the final day, we set our minds to enjoy rather than being sad for the defeat. Our girls did not fail to put their best even on the final day. After our last events, we rendered our support to the men’s halls. It was a close fight for them. The last event 4x400 m relay was the deciding factor for them. It was the most thrilling event of the day. Finally, it was Selaiyur Hall who made it, and went for a victory march around the ground.

At the end of the day, the chief guest addressed the gathering and the shield was handed over to Selaiyur Hall and to the Martin Hall by the Principal.

This is my last sports day in MCC and the best one too. I just hope and wish my juniors would work more harder and smarter to hit the shield next year. “To strive to seek to find and not to yield.”

Blessed as Ever
Soaring High as Ever
A Margarita at Heart Forever

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