Wednesday, 15 March 2017

ELTAI Confy @ St.Teresa's, Ernakulam

12th International and 48th Annual ELT@I Conference
Jointly Organized by
Department of English and Centre for Research
St. Teresa’s College (Autonomous)
Park Avenue Road
Ernakulam, Kerala 682011

Theme: English Language Acquisition: Western Theories and Eastern Practices

29th June, 30th June & 01st July 2017

Submission of abstracts : 15th May 2017
Submission of full-length paper : 30th May 2017

• Teaching-learning theories of other languages
• Indigenous theories of teaching-learning English
• Failed models of teaching-learning English

• Different approaches for different levels - primary, secondary, tertiary
• Insights from other disciplines for English language learning
• Teach for India: Teach in India
• Sravana - Manana - Nididhyasana in learning a foreign language
• The role of memorization in learning a foreign language
• Covergence approach for multicultural, multilingual students
• Where East meets West
• English for local and global employment
• Teacher-Pupil role relationships - an Eastern perspective
• Use of technology militates against Indian ethos
• Indian concept of teacher competence
• NGO/CSR activities in spreading English literacy
• Mission 2030 - Reforming the English language curriculum
• Insights from other disciplines for teaching English
• Social media and English
• Corporate training vs. classroom teaching

For more details, click HERE for the Brochure

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