Sunday, 5 March 2017

Seminar @ Tripura University

National Seminar
‘Violence against Women’
6, 7 April 2017
Organised by
Women’s Studies Centre
Tripura University (A Central University)
Suryamaninagar, Tripura - 799022, India

Violence against women is manifested in a variety of ways – physical, ideological, sexual, psychological and economic; and emanates from various sites. These sites from where power structures arise often work in covert collaboration with each other so as to obfuscate the underlying continuities in which patriarchal power operates. In the Indian context these sites take the form of the State and the Law, Caste, Class, the sites of formation of discursive knowledge such as the media, literature, academia and popular culture and the ever recalcitrant control on female body through codes of family, sexuality and performativity.

Venue: Seminar Hall No.1, Academic Building XI at Tripura University Campus
Suryamaninagar, Tripura.

Registration fee: Rs. 500/-

The participants are requested to fill up the Registration form & submit it to the Women’s Studies Centre along with the fee after being selected.

Travel allowance only by second class sleeper/bus to be reimbursed for participants from other states.

Last date of submission of abstract: 15 March 2017

Last date of submission of full paper: 25 March 2017

For more details, click on the brochure HERE

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