Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Submission of your Assignments - Regarding

Dear Students,

Those of you who are doing your assignments under my supervision, kindly remember these points!

If it’s going to be a “cut and paste” job, you better not send it at all, because I think I can ‘search’ your assignment’s “40 KB of googled data in MS Word," all by myself on the great grandmother of knowledge –, and well, even much much much more than your 'stolen,' and/or ‘smuggled’ data.

A Sample Submission  for your perusal
Oh come on guys, give my plagiarism software some rest. It hasn’t stopped beeping since last week! J

Well, it’s YOUR assignment, and please do take it seriously. (Remember, it substitutes one CIA Test! Just in case you forgot all about that!)

If you think you don’t have the time and the integrity to do an honest assignment all by yourself, you’d better not submit it at all!

And please, for heaven’s sake, don’t submit anonymous attachments! [that have no details, whatsoever, about the sender].

Moreover, while submitting an online assignment, please have the courtesy to introduce yourself, the title of the course paper, the class you are from, etc. 

I’m sure I’ve already given you the format for submitting an assignment.

If you haven’t got them as yet, you can look them up on the following links.

“On Writing College Assignments” HERE

“On Writing Assignments: Thoughts from a teacher” HERE

Hope it helps.

Best wishes,  

Dr. Rufus

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