Monday, 15 February 2016

Assignment Topic for I MA Students on 'The Romantic Age'

The literature of the British Romantic Age, according to Adeline Johns-Putra, has been shaped by a number of forces.

Give a critical overview of the Romantic Age with special reference to any five of the following critical concepts and topics that shaped the literature of the Romantic Age.

·         Canon (Canonizing Forces)
·         Class (Class Barriers)
·         Gender (the canonical Romantic poets are all men!?)
·         Nature (one of the central preoccupations of Romantic Poetry)
·         Imagination (The positive energy of the imagination)
·         Orientalism (How the Orient exerted a considerable allure over Romantic literature)
·         Revolution (The age of Romanticism as an Age of Revolution)
·         Science (the Romantic Age has sometimes been called ‘the second scientific revolution’)
·         Slavery (Debates around the question of slavery and slave trade)

·         The Sublime (as ‘sense super-sensible’ that had the grandeur and magnitude to inspire transcendence of mind).
CChecklist for your Assignment - 

                             Check if you have included an abstract in about 150 words.
•           Check if key words have also been included along with your abstract. (words, and not sentences!)
              •           Check if you have given a minimum of at least TEN print sources.
•           Check if you have cited the page numbers for all the citations/quotations included in the article.
•           Check if you have followed the MLA format for quoting page numbers in your article.
•           Check if you have abided by the MLA format for Research Papers in your ‘Works Cited’ section.
•           Check if you have included a minimum of at least 18 paragraphs in your research article. (the minimum is 18)
•           Check if you have a word length of at least 3000 words. Your MS Word will help you identify the approaching word length better.
•           Check for any spelling mistakes/grammatical errors that might have inadvertently crept into your article.
•           See to it that you submit your assignments before the deadline. (e-assignments are just an option given to students for publishing them later).
•            If you have done all of the above, kindly question your guide if your grade is below 80!
              •          Otherwise, stop the lament and get back to the basics!
              •          There’s no compromise on quality AT ANY COST!

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