Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Come! Listen to a Master Narrator...

The Resting Place of the Imagination
A talk by renowned writer and poet
Ramabai Espinet
on Wednesday, 03 February 2016 @ 10 am
in the Selaiyur Hall Indoor Theatre
Be there!

Author Biography
Ramabai Espinet is an Indo-Caribbean-Canadian writer. Espinet’s ageless, angry, and poetic writing weaves the idea of the Asian Diaspora with the struggles and lifestyles of the modern Indo-Caribbean woman. Ramabai Espinet is a woman who writes with the clarity and wisdom of someone who has lived her stories. One example of this is the short story “Barred,” in which she describes an Indian woman living in Trinidad and Tobago. The protagonist of the story is trying to make enough money to sustain herself and her child despite an abusive and alcoholic husband. Her first novel, The Swinging Bridge, was shortlisted for the Regional Commonwealth Writers Prize in 2004. The acclaimed novel carries the reader from nineteenth-century India across the sea to the cane fields of Trinidad and then to modern-day Canada.

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