Friday, 19 February 2016

Candles that light other candles never lose their brightness...!

What are these lights? Why are they burning even after eventide in a College that houses one of the best libraries in Tamil Nadu?

As I was taking a stroll by night after having been accommodated in the International Guest House at Bishop Heber, Trichy, I was both delighted and curious at the same time to see lights in three of the four floors of the magnificent library at Bishop Heber!

Even as I was gazing at this spectacle, I saw a student coming down the stairs, and I stopped him on his tracks and asked him,

‘Is the library still open at this time of the night?’

Yes, sir. It’s open till 9.30 in the night, especially for hostellers like us; we find it easy to access the books at our own pace and do our study in the quiet precincts of the library. It’s open from early in the morning till 9.30 pm!

Still curious, I decided to walk up the stairs, and see for myself what’s up!

I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Around fifty to sixty students were sitting in comfortable chairs, at beautiful tables, books in hand and doing their studies.

The Asst Librarian, Mr. Reuben welcomed me with the same old delightful smile, and I asked him,
‘What is this wonderful thing I see?’

Yes Rufus. Now we have the library open till 9:30 in the nights, and hostellers find it quite convenient to be here. Many day scholars too who decide to stay back for the night for studies also make use of the facilities and we provide even dinner for those who cant afford it!

I asked him, ‘Is our librarian Sir around?’

‘He just left at around 9.15 pm. He was here all this while, with Dr. Dhanabal of the English Dept!’

I was sooo overjoyed to see this commitment from my role-model that I called him up at around the same time. He was delighted to hear my voice, and quite taken by surprise when I told him I had made a surprise flying visit to Heber for a programme for the staff!

‘I just now left campus, rufus. You do one thing. Please come home and stay with us. We have a wonderful guest room all geared up!’

‘thank you soo much dear Sir. But they’ve given me the accommodation. Just felt so happy on seeing students come by night for studies, and I thought I’d call you up rightaway!’

And the delightful talk went on and on…

Well, Ladies and gentlemen, this - in a glimpse - is Heber for you!

The commitment that comes from every member of the staff for the growth of the College!

Especially from my inspiration – our Librarian!

Full credit to Dr. Suresh Frederick, the Dean, who, along with our Principal Dr. DPD (or that’s how we used to call him) had arranged for a ‘Faculty Enrichment Workshop,’ for a huge 150 members of staff. This workshop was surely a cut above the rest. The love of the management for their staff was very very much palpable.

Thanks to Dr. Kaviarasu (a very good brother and friend), who is always there for me whenever I come to Trichy. This time around, he took me to a special restaurant that had a very unique name ‘Anjarai Petti’! The food was toothsome to the core! The restaurant is open for lunch alone here, between 11 and 3. Well, he has a wonderful blog for Conferences that has gained in popularity over the years. The blog can be accessed HERE.

Only a couple of months back, i was privileged to be a part of a wonderful workshop organised by Dr. Dhanabal, Dept of English, BHC, exclusively for school teachers, with the avowed aim of enhancing the soft skills and communication skills of the teachers who mould the communication skills of students at a very young age!

Well, the motivation and the passion seems to be endless @ Heber.

At a time when, in Chennai, I hear a lament in the Times of India from a librarian who bemoans closure of a couple of his huge libraries, Dr. Manalan is quietly creating a silent revolution of sorts by bringing back the student to the grand portals of a fount of wisdom - the good ol' library - with one floor completely air-conditioned, and an equal floor for a complete digitised section!

Phenomenal by all means!

to be contd...

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