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Assignment on Rhetoric - Samuel Finny, M, II BA English -

Assignment topic: - Choose any one famous speech of Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam that interests you, and analyse its structure from a Rhetorical perspective, and also comment on its historical significance.

Samuel Finny, M, Writes:

The Speech by Dr.Abdul Kalam on the eve of the 59th Independence Day:

This is the speech by Dr.Abdul Kalam delivered to the Nation of India on the evening of the 59th Independence Day. This particular speech talks about the freedom fighters and covers all the aspects of the country. The presentation of Dr.Abdul Kalam is to great the nationalism to each and evey citizen of India. At the time of Independence Day the whole Nation, 110 crores of people, watching the speech of our president. So each and every words have uniqueness and its like a arrow that insert in every heart in India.

His presentation covered all the aspects of Our country like:
*Nature’s Fury and its Management
* Energy Independence
*Goals and Policies
*Energy Independence in Electric Power Generation
*Changing Structure of Energy Sources
*Solar Farms
*Nuclear Energy
*Power through municipal waste
*Power System loss Reduction
*Transportation sector
*Use of biofuels

Each topic was explained in detail and every thing revealed to all Indians. Not only informing but also he express his views personally that the effort of every individual to this great Nation success. As he referred to some of the freedom fighters, it made all the modern Age people to have more spirit of Nationalism.

Speaker’s Goal:
The speaker’s goal is to educate the people of India, in such a way as to create a secure life themselves and around forever. The Rhetoric perspective The speaker also aimed to motivate the listeners to create the spirit of nationalism and to also live for others.

Primary Message:
The primary message by Dr.Abdul Kalam within 25 years, “our country should consider as a developed country & the economic status should raise.”

Right Person? :
If any speech delivered by any leader, it has some real useful meaning. As he was the President of India, he supported to give this royal message as well as what he speaks, he is worthy of that. This judgment is by the listeners.

Objective Achieved? :
As the speech was like motivation, it will not achieved suddenly. But it will come true as soon as possible. Because of the power of his speech.
Similar, opposed, or unrelated?
As he was the only responsible for this perspective. Then it’s not possible for others to present the same topic before him. Though it relates or has a similar effect of every words interpret the real meaning of (motive) the speech.

Introduced, appropriate? :
Certainly, President should/must introduce appropriate.

Speaker with this topic at this time:
As the time of Independence Day, the audience generally look over the speaker with that topic at that time. Its already preplanned, but the style of speech may differ one another. Former President Dr.Abdul Kalam worthy of it. When he was talking about ------- he point out the freedom fighters and also mentioned how many of them he met.

Level of Confidence:
For Dr.Abdul Kalam, the uniqueness within him is that the level of confidence. All most, in all the speech he used to mention the dates. At this time he mention that within 25 years, the India will never lack for oil and gases from other country. Even in different speech, he said, “In 2020, India will be developed” in all the circumstance of the nation. That is the real spirit and the realism present in his speech. He did not believe only with him but also all the citizens of India. That will bring the result.

Presentation focused:
The presentation focused/related back to the primary object. In this speech, at the beginning he taught about the nationalism and after that he covered Nature’s fury & resources, after everything else he comes directly to the audiences, and submit everything in the hands of common people.

Statistic, to support the speech:
In all the part, he gave the examples & statistic provided to the audience, to make the listeners to picturise effectively. In energy Independence, he stated the amount of oil that is 114 million tonnes of oil used by our country. Soon that 75% of gas we are importing from foreign countries, we spend Rs.120,000 crores per year. And the electricity to India 121,000 MW which is 3% of world capacity.

Fortunately for us, 89% of energy used for power generation today is indigenous, from coal (56%), hydroelectricity (25%), nuclear power (3%), and renewable (5%). Solar energy segment contributes just 0.2% of our energy production. These statistics references supported the speech of Dr.Abdul Kalam.


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