Sunday, 4 January 2009

DEEPWOODS - '08 - An Ahuj-ian Perspective..:

Right from the day I rolled off the assembly line of the Ahuja factory as a finished microphone, I had had a hectic career, and I attribute it to my brand 'Ahuja', with all due respect. But judging by the undying energy and sheer enthusiasm of the spirited MCC-ians, Deepwoods 2008 was by far the best college event I've ever lent my services to. The whole of the lush green campus was geared up for the mega event when I landed in the 'Quadrangle', in the wee hours of December the third. The next three days were simply fabulous, an astounding explosion of dance, music and tons of fun. Day One saw Chennai's best ever dancing talents battling it out on the Deepwoods stage, and Ethiraj College emerging as the winners. But the fashion show was a bit of a let-down, with just a few teams in the fray. Even there, the MCC spirit revealed itself, with the College putting up an impromptu fashion show purely for hiking up the Entertainment Quotient.
Day the Second was called 'Laxman Shruti'. I sang chartbuster tamil numbers to a mad and frenzied crowd, and watched their rhythmic swaying from the stage. That the girls were at it too, and experts actually, surprised me so much that I temporarily lost my voice! And I sang on, smug in the little fists of the troupe's junior crooners, barely as tall as the speaker box.

Then came Day the Third, with 'Rock' written all over it. The rock finale with MCC's very own band 'Grey Shack' performing was a stunner of a show, and I was hoarse after those three hours of rock. My master for the event, an astounting talent by name Aditya, was the backbone of the success of Deepwoods '08. His voice got the crowd to scream and dance as and when he wished - Ah, the power of the mike! But the crowning moment came when I gave voice to the lovely Shruti Hassan, announcing the western electricals results. On the whole, I was on a roll those three days, enjoying every moment of it. My respect for the devoted MCC ians shot up when I came to know that the whole event was conducted without an exclusive sponsor - (eavesdroppin' on the conversations between the convenors in the sound console). The young people put up a brilliant show overcoming all hurdles, and kudos to them for that.

I will be back for next year's Deepwoods - For the new faces, new songs, and new hopes. Adieu!

(- Prize winning contribution by Bestin Samuel, III BA English Literature. This article bags Rs.200/- as prize money! Congrats Bestin!)

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