Thursday, 22 January 2009

I BSc Pbt/Zoo - I CIA Marks - Reg:

Dear Students of I BSc Pbt/Zoo,
Your internal marks for your first CIA are ready.
I BSc Pbt students, kindly click HERE
I BSc Zoo students, kindly click HERE to access your marks.
This I CIA test which was given to you on 19 January, was an open-book test, with both the text book and the day's newspaper to assist you in your answers.
While this spoon-feed of a test could have fetched you very high marks, if only you'd put in a bit more of thought, time an effort, some, i feel, have not made proper use of the advantage given to you on a platter. Some students, i felt, haven't understood some of the questions properly, and hence lost a few marks due to highly irrelevant answers. While some of you have done very well, some could have done even better!
For any clarifications/corrections, you can meet me directly between 10.20 am and 10.45 am on all working days, or over mail at
Give your best as always! All the very best

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