Monday, 26 January 2009

Meet 'Kalam' Nagappan!

It's quite rare to find students making use of their spare time in constructive, meaningful ways. On this Republic Day, we salute the spirit of a young student from Chennai 'Kalam' Nagappan, whose noble vision is worth emulating!

Even as a student, 'Kalam' Nagappan from Chennai had the habit of helping poor students to meet their educational expenses. As a college student, he along with a few of his friends, had helped a physically challenged student in his studies. The radiant smile that beamed across the face of the physically challenged student changed their minds only for the better!!

Nagappan hails from a poor family. But within Nagappan's mind was a deep desire to help people, and be of service to others. "Instead of talking nonsense and whiling away the time, we can use the time in discussing something constructive for the nation's advancement" was his request to his classmates.

With like-minded friends, he started an organisation - "Young Helping Minds" which now functions with 200 members. He has borne the educational expenses of 41 poor and needy students.

When Dr.Abdul Kalam, the former President of India, came to know about 'Nagappan', he met up with them, and said, "A thousand organisations like the present one would easily help India become a successful, mighty and developed Country," and he also encouraged and congratulated his team on their efforts.

Greatly inspired by his social service, his College professors regularly donate a fraction of their salaries to the noble services of their proud 'student.'

When asked about his future activities, Nagappan said, "Students, when they speak with their friends, should always speak only about what is beneficial and good for the betterment of our country. We should realize that even the small help that we offer to others, has the ability to make a great impact in changing their lives."

Attracted by Dr.Kalam's scholarship and his simplicity, Nagappan has rechristened his name as 'Kalam' Nagappan.

Let's all wish 'Kalam' Nagappan all the best, in his sincere desire and ardent efforts to lend a helping hand to the needy students.! He indeed is a Young and Proud Pillar of the Indian Republic!

(this article has been translated into English by the author, from today's chennai Edition of Dina Malar)

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  1. To Nagappan,

    This is really great thought as a student. It makes me feel much confident about our younger generation. We are from V4U a nonprofit organization for educational needs of economically weaker society. Pl. let us know if we can help in any way for your meaningful journey.

    P. Deivam