Monday, 5 January 2009

Assignment Topics for II BA English - The Modern Period:

Dear Students of II BA English, The following are the topics for your assignment for all of you who come under my purview.
1. Hebzibah Nancy: Compare and contrast the Priest and the lieutenant.
2. Riyukta Raghunath: Discuss the title of the Novel. Where are power and glory found in the novel?
3. Sudha, M: Discuss any two themes that you find in the novel "The Power and the Glory."
4. Ajit Joseph: Comment on the structure and narrative in "A Passage to India"
5. J.Dayananth: Give a critical commentary on "The Power and the Glory," with a character sketch of the Protagonist.
6. John Jeba Jayasingh: Describe the interaction between political ideology and religious belief, in "The Power and the Glory."
7. Martin, T: Who do you think deserves our sympathy - The Lieutenant or the Priest? Authenticate your arguement with textual validity.
8. Samuel Gnanaselvam: Though "A Passage to India" is in many ways a highly symbolic, or even mystical, text, it also aims to be a realistic documentation of the attitudes of British colonial officials in India. How? Elaborate with textual evidence.

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