Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Assignment on Rhetoric - Supraja, II BA English

SUPRAJA, P, writes..:

Rhetoric Analysis:

The above speech of John F.Kennedy is to educate the young audience of American University. This speech is about peace. He talks about a permanent solution for the global crisis called War. He was the right person to speak about peace because it was the time when there was a cold war between soviet union and America. This message was delivered in a ceremony of the American University. Sponsored by the Methodist Church, founded by John Fletcher Hurst and First opened by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914. There are large amounts of live audience and even an external targeted audience such as Mass media.


The whole content of this speech is about peace and the current affairs of that time. He says that “Total war makes no sense in an age where great powers can maintain large and relatively invulnerable nuclear forces and refuse to surrender without resort to those forces.”
He says that a single nuclear weapon contains almost 10 times of the explosive sources delivered by all allied airforces in the second world war, which can spoil wind, water, soil and sea to far corners of the globe and to generations yet unborn. He talks about the attitude of the two countries towards peace. The attitudes of both countries should change. He talks not only about the peace of America but about the universal peace too. He says that a series of concrete actions and effective agreements in his interest should be adopted not only by one or two nations but by many. He requests each country should live at least in mutual tolerance by submitting the disputes to a just and peaceful settlement. The enmities between the nations do not last forever. Then he generally talks about the different disputes between US and Soviet union and the disputes within other nations. He confesses that there is a certain defect in the attitude of US towards Soviet Union.

Finally he concludes his speech by stating that Americans will never start a war and the Americans would be prepared to stop the war started by other countries.

The Speech Conclusion:

Like the opening, the concluding remarks are also quite interesting. The conclusion here is quite concise and memorable. Here he calls all the Americans to say ‘No’ to war. There is no interaction with the audience. The message was focused on the word ‘WE’


The language used here is simple and appropriate for the audience. The sentences here were a bit long but was easy to understand.


This speech was convinceable and a must hear address. It was very interesting that we would hear it once again.

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