Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Topics for Rhetoric:

Dear Students of II BA English,
Given below is a broad list of the topics avaiable to you to unleash your rhetorical capabilites to your best! While you can take any side of the argument, make sure that you are passionate about your topic and let that enthusiasm come out. First impressions are powerful. Believe it. All the very best..!
Topics for Rhetoric:
"Is being happy connected with having a lot of money?"
"Has Science made man's life quite comfortable?"
Is it possible to keep politics out of sports?
Do you think we should maintain our traditions or give way for change?
There should be strict censorship of films and news bulletins on television and movies to prevent children from copying violent incidents. Do you agree?
Do you think that the young have anything to learn from the elderly and vice versa?
How about boarding schools? Don’t you think they teach children how to live together?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of getting married? Don’t you think it’s better to stay single?
What do you think are the causes for the increasing violence in our society?
Why do people commit crimes?
Fashion – A complete waste of time, money and resources.
English should be the world language.
Written Exams alone serve no useful purpose.
Extended/large families are more successful than nuclear families.
Teenage drivers are unsafe.
Books will soon be old-fashioned.
Politicians should be paid higher salaries.
Internet is a useful resource for children.
Reservation for women
Science has made man’s life quite comfortable.
Privatisation is desirable.
Indian independence is a success story.
TV is harmful to society.
Family planning should be made compulsory.
There should be a ban on migration of educated Indians.
The need to implement a ban on the Public Sectors.
PS: An initiation into the art of public speaking will be given in our next class on Rhetoric. Try to be there!!!

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