Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Participate in the Shell Recruitment Day...:

Are you a graduate or in the final year of your degree studies?
If so, apply for the 'Shell Recruitment Day' for an exciting career with Shell, which provides Shell with the opportunity to find out more about you, watch how you work with other people, and see if you've got the qualities and expertise they're looking for. For more information, click on their website


  1. Feb 1 ... I went through their "Apply Now" ... but in Canada there is not option to select it???

    When is it being held in 2009?
    When is the deadline?
    Can Canadians apply?


  2. Is the shell recruitment based in the U.S.?
    are you having trouble finding work too?
    I'm looking for work and am being helped by a recruitment website called recruitment revolution, a low cost recruitment agency and they are really helping to build my confidence with great advise on finding work, taking my previous experience and making it work over a range of areas to maximise the chance of finding something sooner rather than later. if all else fails then i'll have to move abroad or something!