Saturday, 21 January 2017

Amongst a host of Book Bees and Book Trees...

“Books, Books, Books…”
(Story of a Blooming Writer)

This is my second book fair in Chennai. I wonder that it would be my last book fair, because I don’t know where I will be in the next year. Even if it is, wherever I will be, I will definitely turn up for the next year's book fair as well. With this hopeful note I begin my real story.

That afternoon Kevin and myself decided to go to the book fair after having the lunch at our Hall mess. We went by train to Chetpet and from there we walked to the book fair. As we were walking towards St.George School where the book fair was going on, we happened to see a lot of second hand book stalls in the platform. It was the “Poor People’s Book Fair”. People like me who couldn’t afford to buy new books always go for this one.

I bought only two books from the PPBF. But Kevin bought eleven books which I carried in my bag like a heavy load. I saw Kevin as a rich man in the “Poor People’s Book Fair”. I said to myself that I would also buy many books like Kevin when I earn my own money. Our purchase was over at PPBF.

We then moved to the glamorous “Rich People’s Book Fair”. Colourful banners greeted us with their publishing house’s names on them. The place was crowded with “Book Bees”. They hovered around many “Book Trees” to pluck the best “Book Flowers”. My wandering eyes longingly looked at Book Flowers beautifully arranged in their shelves.

The multitude of books tempted me. But I was looking for one book which I wanted to buy. I was so desperate to buy this book. One important reason why I wanted to buy this book was it had my name (VEIL) as its title : Avaluku Veyil Endru Peyar and the other reason was its author Thamizhachi Thangapandian. I was inspired by her speeches and by her teaching and writing profession.

As I was searching for the book, suddenly Kevin called me and asked me to look up. Wow! Finally we found the book, that moment I was very happy and I thanked my friend. I read the cover page and I was imagining that one day my book will also be in the book fair. I might write a book titled: Enaku Veyil Endru Peyar (My Name is Veil). Thinking about it I was smiling to myself. I bought this only book and I saw myself as a poor man in the “Rich People’s Book Fair”.

Before leaving the Book Fair, we saw a Big Selfie Booth, there we took a selfie for free and they sent the pictures to my email. I was grateful to the team because they kept our memory alive in the selfie.

I began the story with a positive note. So I end the story with a positive note. One day I will be a great writer, like me someone will search for my book in the book fair.

The Beginning… J

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