Sunday, 29 January 2017

An awesome experience!

My Experience at the Book Fair...
Oswin Barnabas V. II M.A English

I am happy to narrate my experience at the Book fair 2017 and the Literary festival held by The Hindu. One of my professors accompanied me. At the outset, we never planned of going together, however it happened eventually when we met up.  We left Tambaram at 9 a.m and reached The Hindu fest. at 10.30 a.m and were lucky to witness the discussion between Shashi Tharoor and Gauri Viswanathan on Postcolonialism. It was followed by G. N. Devy’s talk.

By afternoon, I wanted to pay a visit to the Book Fair which was being held nearby. Although I am not a voracious reader, still, I always have the desire and the curiosity to know more about anything and that leads me to reading on my interesting zones. As soon as we entered the fair we had lunch (sambar rice) and fruit salad and started to browse through the books. I was looking for my favourite authors. I love reading the books of Hosseini, C. S. Lewis and Dickens.

This time however, I eventually came across the renowned writer Khalil Gibran’s book, an omnibus volume, and quite a bulky one, that contained all of his writings. I love his use of metaphors, sentence patterns and imagery. In the evening, we  happened to meet some of my classmates and continued walking through the fair. I was bored a bit because the professor with me continued to purchase books till 7 pm (told you already i don’t read much). The effect of demonetisation was evident throughout. Fortunately each and every stall had a swiping machine. We carried his books in two big bags and as we were literally blown down, we booked a taxi through one of our seniors and proceeded back.

The experience at the Literary Fest and the book fair was awesome. I met new people and came across new terms which were uncommon to me. After dinner that night, I went to bed immediately and had a sound sleep.

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