Friday, 27 January 2017

No two persons ever read the same book...

Chennai Book Fair 2017
Chithra, II MA English

Basically the word exhibition means, large scale public showing of objects and products or it is a financial award or a prize that is been given to a student.

This definition exactly suits this book fair & exhibition phenomenally. The Chennai Book Fair that was hosted in St. George's School, Chetpet opposite to Pachaiyappa’s College, really acted as an award or a prize by providing books to everyone. It is indeed a basis for academic merit. There is a favourite quotation “NO TWO PERSONS EVER READ THE SAME BOOK” by Edmund Wilson, which is quite true, as inheriting the meaning depends on our own perspectives which differs from one person to another.   

This exhibition took place on a large scale, where one could find people thronging in from places far and wide. Great crowds were there at any given point of time, where everyone rushed into each of their favourite stalls to choose books that suited that tastes and interests.  There were more than 700 stalls. Without creating any confusion to the readers, stalls and arrangements were made systematically. Tons and tons of books of many authors like Sidney Sheldon, Tom Clancy, comics and also books from many vernacular languages were heaped on display.

When I entered, I could see that the book fair catered not only to a particular age group (i.e.) students, but it also had books that cater to every age group – be it middle aged women, men or old people or kindergarten, etc. We had no time to visit all the stalls. My favourite books by the romantic novelists like Ravindra Singh, and Sidney Sheldon were also there, which are full of crime fused with thrillers.

To sum it up, the Book Fair was personally a rewarding, enriching and fulfilling experience to me.

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  1. Do you know where that Edmund Wilson quote came from? I'm trying to include it with my BA thesis, and although is attributed to Wilson everywhere, I cannot find the original course. I have no idea if it was a New Yorker review, and if so, which one!