Saturday, 28 January 2017

My Passion... My Cup of Tea...

Chennai Book Fair 2017
Sivakumar, C. II MA English 

Reading books and the feel it gives varies with each individual. It can be pleasurable, boring, entertaining, adventurous and informative. Indeed, the taste varies according to the individual. I am a person who is not a book lover or a voracious reader; I’d rather read books that are my cup of tea.

I have plans to do the Indian Administrative Services, and I also have a strong passion for the IPS for which i do a lot of preparations (both mental and physical).

It is my liking towards the Police profession that has always attracted my attention to the detective series in movies and in books. As i went for this year's Chennai Book Fair which was held during the month of January, i got myself a series of detective novels.

The moment i entered the book exhibition centre, my eyes were searching for something new or something that is close to my passion and taste. My eyes were skimming the books that were kept for sale among which all the disciplines were included.

It was all of a sudden that my eyes got hooked at one shop where the front shelf was full of detective books, which my mind was actually looking for. I rushed to the shelf and took the complete works of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and skimmed through the blurb to satiate my mind.

Though i have spent almost an hour in the place, the moment i got my favourite genre, it took me only a splash of seconds to pay and pack the books back home.

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