Thursday, 26 January 2017

Memories come alive...

 The 40th Chennai Book Fair
Indumathi, D. II MA English

Going to the book fair for the first time was a good experience to me. I never thought I could witness this sea-like plethora of books at one place. “It is not enough, yes! one day is not enough to explore this book world,” I thought to myself, but - I couldn’t help but finish my journey into the world of books - as quickly as possible – as my father was waiting for me. And so I went again with my friends on the last day of the book fair again to continue my search in the book fair.

This time I told myself that I will check the stalls, which I missed out last time, but yet again – even this time around I couldn’t check them all. One stall which got my attention again and again was the children’s book stall. I wish I could’ve brought along my nephews and niece to the book fair. It would’ve been a good opportunity to introduce some good books to them. Each stall reminded me of someone or the other.

When I saw the Bakthi Ilakkiyangal I was reminded of my uncle; the ‘pick any book for Rs.50’ reminded me of my friends who were crazy about the love stories, and all those cooking recipes book reminded me of my cousins. Because I am from Vellore I wanted a book fair like this to happen in my place which will be very useful to my friends and family members. Although the price was high, I bought some good books because I thought I won’t be able to find all these books in one place again. 

I really enjoyed this 40th Chennai Book Fair and I hope I will attend it the next year too.

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