Monday, 30 January 2017

Great effort by the organisers...


Maanini, II MA English

The majesty of this book fair was little less compared to the previous book fair conducted two years back. I missed it last year. This is my second book fair and I’m deeply saddened by the fact that I have missed it these many years. Though I can’t attend every book fair, I have a great regret for not attending it during my stay in Chennai. The first train journey with two of my classmates was great. I am really glad that I got a chance to hang out with them atleast for the book fair. Nandanam YMCA will be my favourite when it comes to the venue. This book fair was a short visit for me compared to the previous year. I wanted to visit again but unfortunately I couldn’t make it. The books I bought this year are really special to me.

My experience of this book fair was really great. I got a chance to travel with my classmates with whom I have never gone out even though we have been studying together for five years. The train journey to Chepauk was wonderful. The
best thing I liked in this book fair is the second hand book shops both outside the book fair and also inside. I felt that these second hand book shops would help those who are unable to buy books for higher price and no doubt, it also helped me. In these book shops, I found many works of fiction which were unfamiliar to me. I wish they bring Tamil non-fiction books next time. All three of us felt really happy when she was able to find the book she was searching for a long time. Thanks to one of the volunteers of a book stall who suggested us that particular stall. Each stall in the book fair was very attractive. I couldn’t retain myself from visiting Tamil non-fiction book stalls. Periyar, Vaali, Ambedkar, Jayakanthan, Jayamohan were the few who were  pulling me just like a magnet. I greatly hope that I will have them in my book shelf soon.

The organizers of the book fair have put in a great effort; the toilet facilities and also other arrangements were satisfying. It would have been better if the books were sold with more discount. Thanks to my friend who took me to the awesome restaurant. The best part of the day was the food. Overall 40th Year Chennai Book Fair gave me new experiences and I sincerely wish that this would continue for the years to come. On that note I want to my thank my professor who motivated us to visit this book fair and made us experience great things. I also thank my brother for funding me to buy the books.  

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